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Industrial Valves

The company provides a broad range of valves that are available in a wide variety of materials from today’s leading valve manufacturers to fully meet even the most complex and unique requirements, we source and provide global quality, total reliability valves for our customer worldwide. All our manufactures and associated suppliers are selected according to standards of reliability. 


Customer service is expressed in the capability of offering personalized advice based on individual needs, we therefore enjoy a good reputation not only as supplier of valve but also a reliable partner to our customer in plant design, manufacture and maintenance projects. 






Safety Valve.jpg

Safety Valve.jpg





Types of Valves:

Ball Valves:

  • Cryogenic 

  • Flanged 

  • Threaded & SW 

  • Floating 

  • Metal Seated 

  • Plastic Lined 

  • Resilient Seated 

  • Trunnion 

  • Top Entry 

  • “V” Port 


Butterfly Valves:

  • High Performance 

  • Plastic Lined 

  • Resilient Seated 

  • Triple Offset 


Plug Valves:

  • Lubricated 

  • Non-lubricated 

  • HF Acid 

  • Plastic Lined 


Check Valves:

  • API6A / API6D 

  • Lift Check 

  • Piston Check 

  • Swing Check 

  • Wafer Check 

  • Y Pattern Check 


Multi-Turn Valves:

  • Gate 

  • Globe 

Specialty Valves:

  • Bellow seal 

  • Control 

  • Cryogenic 

  • Diaphragm 

  • HF Acid 

  • Knife Gate 

  • Needle 

  • Pinch 

  • Pressure Seal 

Subsea Valves:

  • Ball 

  • Gate 

  • Choke

Technical Specifications:

Valve Size: 1⁄2 ” thru 60” (Larger sizes available upon request)

Classes: 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500, and 4500



  • Forged / Cast Steel

    • Ball, Butterfly (Double /Triple Offset, Rubber Lined) Check, Gate, Globe

  • Special /Optional Design

    • Bellow Seals, Extended Bonnet, Pressure Seal, Cryogenics Services, Nuclear Service


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast /Ductile Iron, PVC /CPVC /PP /PVDF, Alloy, Duplex, Chrome and Exotics


Design Construction – Inspection and Testing:

API 600, 602, 603, 604, 607, 609, API 6A, API 6D, API 598, API 6FA, ASME/ANSI B16.34, BS 5351, 5352, BS 636, 6755, MSS SP25, JIS and GOST.


End Connections:



End to end flanged valves are in accordance with ASME/ANSI B16.5, 16.47 (Series A & B) and B16.10 or DIN Standard.  Socket Weld ends to ASME/ANSI B16.11. Thread ends to ASME/ANSI B1.20.1. Butt Weld ends to ASME/ANSI B16.25

Valve Automation


The company has been providing automated valves ever since it's incorporation, from simple bolt-up, quarter-turn to an advanced, fully integrated quarter-turn, multi-turn and linear automation provider. The combination of our global strength and our local, technical service simplifies automation maintenance by enabling us to become the single point of contact for all aspects of our customers’ automation needs.


We represents the premier valve automation lines in the industry. We provide our customers with everything from simple on-off packages to throttling applications, high pressure gas systems, over pressure protection and emergency shutdown assemblies. Our qualified, technical staff will customize your valve automation requirements to your unique product specifications and identify the most efficient solution for your needs.


Electric Actuators:

  • Fail-safe

  • Modulating

  • On-off

Fluid Power Actuators:

  • Electro-Hydraulic

  • High Pressure Gas System

  • Piston

  • Rack & Pinion

  • Scotch Yoke

  • Spring Diaphragm

  • Vane

  • Water-Hydraulic

Manual Actuators:

  • Spring-Return Handles

  • Gear Operators

  • Valve Indicators

  • Switches


Limit Switches:

  • Mechanical

  • Proximity Type



  • Digital

  • Electro-Pneumatic

  • Pneumatic

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