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Our line of Structural products  includes flat steel and shapes for the assembly, erection and construction of on-shore and off-shore facilities both in the energy and civil construction sectors. They are primarily steel plates, wide flange beams, square and rectangular pipe, as well as seamless and welded steel pipe. They are manufactured in accordance with international standards and specifications for their specific applications. 



Structural Pipe


Structural Pipe is generally used for heavy civil, highways & bridges, airports, railroad bridges, harbor berths & seawalls, tubular structures, utilities, building, foundation, and offshore platform building.

Material:  API 2B Gr. B up to X80, ASTM A252 Gr. 2/3, ASTM A500 Gr. A/B/C, ASTM A513, ASTM A36, ASTM A572 Gr. 50, Surplus and other grades available.

Fabrication Alternatives:   CW, ERW, HSAW, SAW, SMLS


OD (Outer Dimensions):

CW:                             0.375″ through 4.50″

ERW:                          2.375″ through 24″

HSAW:                       16″       through 144″

SAW:                          18″       through 144″

SMLS:                         2.375″ through 26″


Wall Ranges:

CW:                             Inquire

ERW:                          0.154″ through 0.750″

HSAW:                       0.250″ through 1.125″

SAW:                           0.250″ through 2.500″

SMLS:                         0.219″ through 2.500″

Lengths:                    Single Random, Double Random, Custom lengths are also available

Surface Finishes:  Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galv, FBE, 3LPE, Coal Tar, Tape Wrap

End Finishes:          Beveled, Square Cut, Threaded and Coupled.

Steel Beams and Shapes

Steel shapes are formed to specification following certain standards of chemical composition and strength. They can also be defined as hot-rolled products, with a cross section of special forms like angles, structural steel channels and beams/joints. Structural shapes are generally used for the riveted, bolted or welded construction of bridges, buildings and other structures.

Material/Grade:               ASTM A-36, ASTM A-572 Gr. 50, ASTM A-572 Gr. 60, ASTM A-572 Gr. 65, ASTM A-588 Grade A,                                                          ASTM A-588 Grade B, ASTM A-588 Grade C

Product Alternatives:    Wide Flange Beams, H-Pile, Channel

Size Range:                       WF Beams:   4"x4"      -  44"x16"

HP Shapes:                        8"x8"     -  10"x10"

Channel:                             C3x4.1# -  C12x25#

Weight Range:                 WF Beams:   13#/FT - 335#/FT

Lengths:                              20', 40', 60'

Surface Finish:                 Bare

End Finish:                         Mill


Plate Products

Steel plate is generally used for the oil and gas installations, ship building, storage tanks, rail cars, offshore platforms, pressure vessels, dams, bridges and highway construction and machinery.


Steel Plates for Structural Use :

JIS                        : G 3101 SS330 SS400, G 3106 SM400, G 3131 SPHC SPHD SPHE, G 3136 SN400, G 3106 SM490                                                      SM490Y, G 3136 SN490, G 3140 SBHS400, G 3106 SM520, G 3106 SM570*, G 3140 SBHS500, G                                                       3128 SHY685 SHY685N SHY685NS, G 3140 SBHS700

ASTM                  : A36, A131, A283, A529, A573 Gr. 58, A572, A573, A633, A709 Gr. 50, A841, A572 Gr. 60 Gr. 65, A678                                                 Gr. C Gr. D, A841, A514 A709 Gr. 100

API                        : API 2H-42 2W-42, API 2H-50 2W-50, API 2W-60

BS /DIN              : EN10025 S185 S235 S275, EN10113 S275, EN10025 S355 E295, EN10225 S355, EN10113                                                                 S355, EN10225 S400, EN10113 S420, EN10225 S460, EN10025 E335, EN10113 S460, EN10137                                                       S460, EN10137 S500, EN10025 E360, EN10137 S550 S620, EN10137 S690, EN10137 S890 S960

WES                     : HW 355, HW 450, HW 450CF, HW 490, HW 490CF, HW 550, HW 620, HW 685, HW 885

SHIP Class         : A, B, D, E, A32, 36, 40 D32, 36, 40 E32, 36, 40 F32, 36, 40, A420, D420, E420, F420, A460, D460,                                                         E460, F460, EH47, A500, D500, E500, F500, A550, D550, E550, A620, D620, E620, A690, D690,                                                           E690, F690

Steel Plates for Low Temperature Service:

JIS                      : G 3127 SL2N255, G 3127 SL3N255 SL3N275 SL3N440, G 3127 SL9N520 SL9N590, G 3126 SLA325A                                             SLA325B SLA360 SLA410

ASTM                : A203 Gr. A Gr. B, A203 Gr. D Gr. E, A353, A553 Ⅰ

BS /DIN            : EN10028 12Ni14, EN10028 X8Ni 9, EN10028 X7Ni 9, EN10028 P275‘L’ P355‘L’, EN10113 P275‘L’                                                       P355‘L’ P420‘L’, EN10028 P460‘L’

WES                   : LT450, LT490, LT550, LT685

SHIP Class      : KL2N30, KL3N32, KL9N60, KL24, KL33, KL37

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel Plates:

JIS                       : G 3114 SMA400, G 3114 SMA490, G 3140 SBHS400W, G 3114 SMA570*, G 3140 SBHS500W, G 3140                                             SBHS700W

ASTM                  : A242 Type2, A588

Steel Plates for Boiler and Pressure Vessel:

JIS                       :  G 3103 SB410 SB450 SB480, G 3115 SPV235 G 3118 SGV410 SGV450, G 3115 SPV315 G 3118 SGV480                                      G 3124 SEV245, G 3115 SPV355, G 3124 SEV295, G 3115 SPV450, G 3124 SEV345, G 3115 SPV490, G                                          3103 SB450M SB480M, G 3119 SBV, G 3120 SQV, G 4109 SCMV, G 4304 SUS, G 3601 SUS G 3602 Ni                                             , G 3603 Ti

ASTM                 :  A285 A515, A516 Gr. 55 Gr. 60 Gr. 65, A299 A455 A516 Gr. 70 A537 Cl. 1 A841, A612, A537 Cl. 2 A738                                               Gr. B A841, A543 Cl. 1, A517 A543 Cl. 2, A204, A302, A533, A542, A387, A240, A263, A264, A265

BS /DIN             :  EN10028 P235GH P265GH, EN10028 P295GH, EN10028 P355N, EN10028 P355GH, EN10028                                                           P460N, EN10028 16Mo3, EN10028 Steel 621, EN10028 13CrMo4-5 10CrMo9-10 11CrMo9-10

WES                    :  HW 355, HW 450, HW 490, HW 620, HW 685, HW 885

SHIP Class       :  KP42, KP46, KP49, KPV24, KPV32, KPV36, KPV46, KPV50, KPA46, KPA49, KPA56


Supply Types:             HR and CR Steel Sheet, Super Thick Plate, Heavy Plate.

Weld Alternatives:    SAW or SMLS

OD Size Range:         SAW:   14"       through 144"

                                         SMLS:  2.375" through 26"

Wall Ranges:               SAW:    0.250" through 10"

                                          SMLS:  0.219" through 2.5"

Lengths:                        Single Random, Double Random, Custom (up to 360')

Surface Finishes:      Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galv, FBE, TLPE, Coal Tar, Tape Wrap.

End Finishes:              Beveled, Transitions, Square Cut, other specialty ends.

Offshore Structures 

Structural Products for offshore platforms or oil rigs are used as elements for their construction, assembly and operation. we supply risers, conductor pipes, deck and jacket legs and piles among many other specialized tubular products.

Material/Grade:             ASTM A709, ASTM A588, ASTM A36, A573 Gr. 58/70, A572 Gr. 42/50, A516 Gr. 60/65, ABS                                                                    A131, API 2H Gr. 50, API 5L X80.

Weld Alternatives:        Hot Rolled, Control Rolled, Thermal Mechanical Controlled Processed, Coiled, Normalized, Q & T,                                                   Stress Relieved, Blasted and Painted.

Thickness:                       Up to 8"

Width:                                Up to 154"

Lengths:                           Up to 720" for plate and 80,000 # Weight for HRC.

Edge:                                 Mill Edge, Custom Edge.

Combi-Wall & Tubular Sheet Pile

Combi-Wall systems add strength by combining king pile – steel beam or pipe pile – with sheet pile or tubular sheet pile attached by interlocks to withstand greater loads than traditional sheet pile wall. These retaining walls are ideal for temporary or permanent structures such as cofferdams, river frontages, quays, wharfs, docks, harbor works, permanent foundations and sea walls.

Weld Alternatives:     CW, ERW, Spiral, SAW, and SMLS

OD Size Range:          CW:          0.375"  through 4.50"

                                           ERW:        2.375" through 24"

                                           Spiral:      16"       through 144"

                                           SAW:        18"       through 144"

                                           SMLS:       2.375" through 26"

Wall Ranges:               CW:       Inquire

                                           ERW:    0.154" - 0.750"

                                           Spiral:  0.250" -  1.125"

                                           SAW:    0.250" - 2.500"

                                           SMLS:   0.219" - 2.500"

Lengths:                         Single Random, Double Random, Custom (Up to 190')

Surface Finish:            Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galv, FBE, TLPE, Coal Tar, Tape Wrap.

Clutch:                            P-P, P-T, and Sheet Pile Manufacturers compatible connectors.

Electrical Conduit



Our line of Electrical Conduits include hot-dipped and in line galvanized piping products for protection and routing of electrical wiring, supplied in rigid, IMC and EMT variations. They are manufactured in accordance with international standards and specifications to meet their specific requirements.

EMT, IMC & Rigid

Electric Metallic Conduit is thin-walled and lighter than other types of metallic conduit, with moderate flex for bendability. Made of high-grade strip steel, our Electric Metallic Conduit (EMT) meets UL 797 specifications and is manufactured to ANSI C80.3

Material/Grade:             ANSI C80.1, ANSI C80.3, ANSI C80.6, UL6, UL797, UL1242, NTC171, NTC105, NTC169

Weld Alternatives:        ERW

OD Size Range:             0.5" through 6"

Wall Ranges:                  0.042" through 0.266"

Types:                                Rigid, EMT, IMC

Surface Finishes:          Rigid: Hot-Dipped Galvanized

                                              IMC: Hot-Dipped Galvanized

                                              EMT: In-line Galvanized and Interior Coated

End Finishes:                   Plain End, Beveled or Threaded

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