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The company carries a full line of line pipe, standard pipe, oil country tubular goods (OCTG) - drill pipe, tubing and casing, abrasive resistant and ductile iron pipes. Our inventory is produced in accordance with international standards, grades and specifications. Our flagship products are certified by accredited bodies such as API, ASTM, ASME, and DIN among many others.

Energy Tubular's

The company line of Energy Tubular include carbon and alloy products for the energy industry for the upstream, midstream and downstream operations. These products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and specifications that are used in exploration and production (E&P), the recovery and production of crude oil, natural gas and LNG, drilling of exploratory wells, operating the wells, as well as processing, storing, transportation and distribution.

Line Pipes

Line pipe is generally used for the conveyance of oil and gas in transmission lines, distribution main lines, and offshore pipeline systems. We supply welded and seamless API 5L grades through X 100 for high pressure applications, including Sour Service Solution A or B. we work closely with our customers to present solutions to match the required grades and specifications.


Material / Grade:            API 5L Grade B, API 5L X42, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100, PSL 1 and PSL 2

Weld Alternatives:         ERW, HF, DSAW/SAWL, SMLS, HSAW

OD Size Range:              ERW:      0.375" through 30"

     HF:          0.840" through 24"

     DSAW/SAWL: 12.75" through 144"

     SMLS:     0.840" through 26"
     HSAW:   8.625" through 144"

Wall Ranges:                    ERW:     0.120" through 1.000"
                                               HF:         0.120" through 1.000"
                                               DSAW/SAWL: 0.250" through 6.000"
                                               SMLS:    0.250" through 2.500"
                                               HSAW:  0.250" through 1.000"

Lengths:                             Single Random

     Double Random
     Custom (up to 300")

Surface Finishes:           Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galvanised, FBE, FBE Dual, 3LPE, 3LPP, Coal Tar, Concrete Coating and                                                  Tape Wrap.

End Finishes:                   Beveled, Square Cut, Threaded & Coupled.

Additional Services:      Internal Coating

Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)

As the oil and gas industry has moved into more challenging extraction scenarios, the demands on drill pipe, tubular and casing have become increasingly rigorous. Whether the demand is from high pressure, thermal stresses or environmental factors, Engic Gulf knows what it takes to meet the needs of today’s energy sector.



The company supplies high-quality tubing designed to withstand the rigors of transporting oil and gas from the production zone to the surface. This tubing is currently in use by our customers as an integral part of well production in numerous locations worldwide.

Material / Grade:                                 API 5CT H-40, J-55, L-80, N-80 Type1, N-80Q, C-90, T-95 and P110.

Weld Alternatives:                              ERW and Seamless

OD Size Range:                                   1.050" through 4.50"

Lengths:                                                  Range 1, Range 2

Surface Finish:                                     Bare or Regular Mill Coating

End Finishes:                                        NU T&C, EU T&C, Buttress Thread, Premium

Non- Upset T&C Weight Range:  1.14#/FT through 26.10#/FT

External Upset Weight Range:     1.20#/FT through 12.75#/FT

Additional Services:                           Internal Coating



One of the main building blocks of well completion, casing is designed to isolate the well bore from the formation while resisting external collapse pressure as well as internal pressure from within. Our world-class casing is manufactured to API 5CT specifications, in sizes from 4-1/2” to 20” OD.

Material / Grade:              H-40, J-55, K-55, L-80, N-80 Type 1, N-80Q, L-80 Type1, L-80 9Cr, L-80 13Cr, C-90, C-95,

                                                 T-95, P-110, Q-125.

Specifications:                  API 5CT

Weld Alternatives:           ERW and Seamless

OD Size Range:                 4.5" through 20"

Weight Range:                  9.5#/FT through 169#/FT

Lengths:                               Range 1, Range 2, Range 3

Surface Finishes:              Bare or regular Mill Coating.

End Finishes:                      Plain End, 8RD, STC and LTC,

                                                 Buttress Thread,

                                                 Premium Connection

Additional Services:        Vertical and Horizontal Slotti


Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe are designed and recommended for well drilling in natural oil- and gas exploration projects. Tabulated sizes and upsets are available acc. to API specification 5DP. Other Sizes and Upsets will be delivered on request. Drill Pipe with friction welded (FW) tool joints, ready for drilling operations, manufactured together with our well named cooperation mills are supplied to our final customers.

Further more finished and unfinished drilling goods, subject to final Drill Pipe manufacture, like drill pipe bodies with standard or special upset ends, are also applicable for delivery, within our capabilities. 

Material / Grade:          E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135.

Specifications:              API 5 D

Weld Alternatives:       Seamless

OD Size Range:            2.375" through 6.625"

Weight Range:              6.27#/FT through 27.72#/FT

Lengths:                           Range 2, Range 3

Surface Finishes:         N/A

End Finishes:                 Internal Upset, External Upset, 

                                            Plain End Upset, Non Upset

FW Tool Joints:             Numbered Connections (NC), 

                                            Internal Flush (IF), Full Hole (FH)


Standard Tubular's



Our line of Standard Tubulars includes carbon and alloy products for the conveyance of liquids, gases, semi liquids (fluids), slurries or powders among many applications. These products are also often used for structural applications. They are manufactured in accordance with international standards and specifications for their specific applications.


Standard Pipe

Standard Pipe is generally used for mechanical and pressure applications as well as for steam, water, air and gas lines. Our supply welded and seamless steel pipe in ASTM and API specifications and grades for liquid, semi-liquid, steam and gas conveyance; including for high pressure service and lower and moderate temperatures.


Material / Grade :                      A53 Grades A/B, ASTM A106 Grades B/C, AWWA, C200, ASTM A139, ASTM A120, API5L- B                                                              ASTM A671,  A672 (Stress Relieved, Normalized and/or Tempered) in Various Classes

Fabrication Alternatives:       ERW, HF, DSAW/SAWL, SMLS, HSAW

OD:                                                  ERW:     2.375" through  30"

                                                          HF:         0.840" through 24"

                                                          DSAW/SAWL: 12.75" through 144"

                                                          SMLS:    2.375" through  26"

                                                          HSAW:  8.625" through 144"

Wall Ranges:                               ERW:     0.154" through 0.750"

                                                          HF:         0.120" through 1.000"

                                                          DSAW/SAWL: 0.250" through 6.000"

                                                         SMLS:    0.219" through 2.500"

                                                         HSAW:  0.250" through 1.000"

Lengths:                                       Single Random, Double Random, Custom lengths are also available

Surface Finishes:                     Bare, Oiled, Mill Varnish, Galv, FBE, FBE Dual, 3LPE, 3LPP, Coal Tar Enamel, Tape Wrap,                                                                       Paper, Wrap, Cement Mortar, Liquid Epoxy Lining and Glass,Cloth. Vertical Slotting  available                                                           up to 0.500" w/t                                            

End Finishes:                              Beveled, Square Cut, Bell & Spigot, Flanged, Victaulic, Threaded & Coupled.

Additional Services:                Vertical and Horizontal Slotting

Abrasive Resistant Pipes

Abrasive Resistant Pipe is designed for the conveyance of highly abrasive materials. we work closely with its customers to present solutions to match the required grades and specifications. The grades and specifications are made to control the hardness and resistance to abrasion factors, among other factors.


Material /Grade :            Gr. 2/3, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80, X100 and 1035 Steel

Specifications :               ASTM A252, API 5L, AR

Weld Alternatives :        ERW, SAW, Spiral

OD Size Range :             10.75" through 48", Custom ID Sizes Available

Wall Ranges :                   0.250"-1.00"

Lengths :                            Single Random, Double Random, Custom

Surface Finishes :          Bare, Mill Varnish, Coated

End Finishes :                  Beveled, Square Cut, Flanged

Ductile Cast Iron Pipes

Ideal for water and wastewater systems requiring proficient corrosion resistance, ductility, and strength, our ductile iron pipe is easy to install and thrives in tough terrain. Mortar lined, available with push-on joints and exterior coating, including asphalt or epoxy options.

Material /Grade :              AWWA, ASME, ASCE, ASTM, NACE, NFPA, ISO, ANSI

OD Size Range :                4" (DN 100) through 48" (DN 1,200).

Wall Range :                       K8, K9, K10, K12

Lengths :                              20' (6M)

Surface Finishes :             Zinc coating, Bituminous Coating, Cement Lining.

End Finishes :                     Bell and spigot, push-on-joint, mechanical joint, flanged joints.

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